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Invitation to the constitutive meeting of Digital Twin Web Association

2 February 2022 by Juuso Autiosalo

Updated 03 Dec 2023

Welcome to the constitutive meeting of Digital Twin Web Association on 22nd February 2022 at 2:22 pm (UTC+2), online. Register here or send me email to get a link to the online meeting and to join to the upcoming mailing list. Estimated length of the meeting is 2 hours and 22 minutes. Of course you can leave early or come late if you need to.

Please register to get the Zoom link

Update: You can sign up for future updates with the same form until we have a proper membership application form.


The purpose of the new association will be to facilitate the development of Digital Twin Web into an inclusive human, machine, and business-friendly environment, promoting open knowledge sharing. The specifics of the purpose will be agreed upon in the meeting.

The Digital Twin Web approach is similar to the World Wide Web, but aims to combine the physical and digital worlds into a phygital world. Currently, my doctoral dissertation is the best single source of information to describe the Digital Twin Web initiative. The association will gather and host a more user-friendly description.

Our first mission is to find the “HTML for digital twins”.

Why an association?

The Digital Twin Web initiative was born in Aalto University which continues to host its development in various projects. However, the goals of the initiative are far greater than one university can handle. The new association will be able to host the development globally, across organizational limits. Importantly, the association will hold any immaterial property rights necessary for building the Digital Twin Web, for example, the copyright of publicly available material.

The association will be registered in Finland, which means some restrictions in global operations, but nothing that can’t be overcome. For example, the legal version of the rules has to be in Finnish, but in practice, we will always also have an English version similarly to MyData Global.

Who can join?

By default, any natural person or legal entity who accepts the purpose and rules of an association can join it, although the constitutive meeting will agree on the details. My intention is to create an association that welcomes any individual and organization globally.

The cost of membership will be decided separately for each year in later meetings. Goal is that anyone can join, and those who want to support more can donate.

What will happen in the meeting?

The meeting has three main purposes:

  1. agreeing on the rules,
  2. selecting the members of the board, and
  3. signing the charter.

I will prepare a draft for the rules before the meeting, so agreeing should be fairly staightforward, just confirming the draft or selecting from predefined options. I am planning to use the rules created during the online guided process if possible. Requirements for the rules are documented here and suggestions are welcome especially to the “purpose” part.

The association will need a chair and 2-10 board members. I am available as the chair. Please express your interest in joining the board preferably in advance to juuso.autiosalo@aalto.fi. If you are unsure whether you should apply board membership, I can explain more as I have experience from more than 10 years in association boards, including 3 years as chair.

A charter is a required document for registering an association. The people and entities signing the charter will become the founding members of the association. I am trying to find an online platform that makes signing easy, recommendations are welcome.


There were 114 registered participants from approximately 19 countries and 64 organizations. You can let people know about your interest in this topic by attending the LinkedIn event for this meeting.

Google Forms registration has caused problems for some, sorry for that. I will use something else next time. Please send me email to juuso.autiosalo@aalto.fi if that is easier way to register.


Welcome to the constitutive meeting of Digital Twin Web Association on 22 Feb 2022 at 2:22 pm (UTC+2), online.

Register here to get a link to the event.